Kailash Publications: Your Education Partner for Lifetime.

Kailash Publications is a brain child of Mr. Manish Kumar, a former banker, marketing professional and IIM Kolkata graduate (ELP holder).

Kailash Publications was started in 2010 with an idea of bringing all medical, engineering, and management publications under one roof. Moreover, its mission is to pay attention to the literary works of struggling authors who are being ignored.

Kailash Publications aims to build a picture of Indian education system through its primary sources. It strives to mark its presence in the increasingly crowded market place through their consistent tie-ups with the emerging authors and student fraternities.

Asylum to Authors

Kailash Publications’ winning policy is to weave the web as widely as possible in quest of great books and great authors at the same time. In the time when publishers are closing their doors to the authors with a proven track record, we dauntlessly dare to accept unsolicited work from both new and established writers.

Our aim is to make the whole process as friendly and efficient as possible. We make sure the competent books go to competent candidate within the right time. The organization supports public and libraries from K to 12 as community centers for education, competition, knowledge partner etc. We are keen to keep the world of publishing alive at a time when many publishers are turning their backs on untried authors and manual reading in full form when ebooks and digital reading are very much fascinated world wide.

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